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Why do we use a Denneroll?

woman with neck painOne of the tools we use at Results Align Chiropractic is the Denneroll. We use it as part of our corrective phase of care.

We find many clients present with a forward head posture or “text neck,” we see this on their posture screen and we can see the consequence of it on their x-ray; loss of normal curve in the neck, joint degeneration, and loss of disc height! It’s almost an epidemic and it’s mostly due to technology, people are always looking down at their phones, iPad, or laptops. As a consequence, the head moves forward of optimal alignment and puts excess pressure between the base of the skull and the upper neck, and the base of the neck and upper back.

We typically see symptoms such as headaches/migraines, low energy/fatigue, balance/coordination, brain fog/trouble concentrating, sleeping issues, and tingling/pins and needles in the hands and fingers.

This loss of a normal curve in the neck also reduces blood flow to the brain!

This study showed a 200% increase in blood flow to the brain when the normal curve in the neck was restored.

Just think what kind of impact that has day-to-day, increased blood flow and therefore more oxygen to the brain can have a huge impact on energy levels and productivity. Also in later life, it could potentially slow down or prevent cognitive decline as we age.

The great thing about using the Denneroll is that it’s almost effortless, you lie on it for minutes at a time and gravity does the work, it couldn’t be easier!

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