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Sports Chiropractic at Results Align Chiropractic

Running man tying shoeWe see many sports injury cases at Results Align Chiropractic. Our expertise is the result of our close connection to many local sports teams and Results Health Clubs.

Our clinic often sees patients who’ve developed body imbalance from inadequate training and accumulated injury. Injuries will often affect your strength and performance. This phenomenon will affect you far into the future if it’s not dealt with promptly. For this reason, it’s important to get properly assessed by a well-trained chiropractor to help you get back in the game.

Find yourself wincing, limping or stretching a little too often to relieve persistent pain from a sports-related trauma? It’s time to call on our team of trained doctors at our chiropractic care centre for a winning play: better spinal health and body flexibility.

We Help With a Variety of Sports-related Injuries

Our office makes a big difference in the lives of those who like to stay active. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or simply recreational, we can help you recover from trauma and prevent future trauma.

We see everyone from runners and those who lift weights, to gym-goers and members of various sports teams.

When a sports injury aggravates or causes misalignment in the spinal or extremity joints, your body devotes a great deal of effort and resources in the way of compensation. Our customised recovery plans will help in a variety of ways. We’ll be able to remove some of the stress and pressure associated with the developing compensation. Our team will use techniques to help you heal quickly-and prevent future injuries in the same area.

Our sports-minded practice members usually present with common symptoms. These symptoms include ankle, hip, knee, low back and shoulder pain. We also see gym injuries, over-lifting trauma and muscular imbalance. Here are some potential benefits of receiving our customised care:

  • Beating your personal best becomes doable
  • The ability to lift increasing amounts of weight increases
  • Function and mobility improves
  • Performance can skyrocket
  • Running times are faster
  • There’s more awareness of the body
  • Injuries occur less and are more preventable

We had a young man join our practice who had injured his low back while lifting weights. He was unable to lift the way he had before; he felt discouraged and despondent. After only two weeks of consistent care, he was back in the game. He ended up surpassing his personal best.

Rugby player with ballThe entire body is supported by the spine. That fact means that even a seemingly minor injury can have a negative ripple effect over time. Ignoring a chronic pain injury or applying a temporary fix such as pain medication only covers up the underlying issue. This puts you at additional risk as time goes on.

Stop that low back “twinge” or stiff shoulder in its tracks. All it takes is a visit to one of our experienced doctors. We can demonstrate exercises and stretches that can alleviate your current pain. Improved athletic performance usually follows. Most patients also find that they’re far less prone to injury after care. If they do injure themselves, recovery is usually faster and less complicated.

Wouldn’t it be nice to regain that competitive edge? It’s not easy to put in that extra burst of speed if you’re worried about something “going out” at the crucial moment. We want to help you maintain your winning edge and competitive spirit.

Book an Appointment Today

Our centre enjoys working with athletes of all kinds. We find that we share similar attitudes.

As a team (chiropractor and patient) we’re goal-oriented with similar mindsets. We provide lots of support. Both parts of the equation know that healing and wellness attainment take time-achieving fitness works the same way. We invite you to join our popular practice and be eligible for a free 5-day pass to Results Health Clubs. Contact us today!

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