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Animal Chiropractic at Results Align Chiropractic

Dog getting petThe Best, Personalised Care For Your Animal

Animal Chiropractic is a non surgical, drug-free approach to increasing function within your animals body, resulting in increased health and wellbeing of your beloved friend.

The body is controlled by the nervous system, the nerves that exit at each level of the spine have very specific jobs, they control a range of functions, including skin sensation, organ function and muscle tone and strength. When there is a dysfunction/loss of motion which can be caused by trauma e.g. bumps, falls, surgery etc then the nervous system is usually affected, which can then result in an inability to heal correctly.

Animals usually show us this by presenting us with the following:

Dalmation dog

  • ‘Puppy sitting’/altered sitting
  • Discomfort when being touched or moving
  • Hesitancy when climbing stairs or jumping
  • Difficulty when getting up after lying down
  • Favouring to lie on one side more than the other
  • Change in behaviour
  • Change in gait or lameness
  • Licking or chewing paws
  • Decrease in performance

Beautiful white horse

  • Resistance to being mounted/ridden
  • Altered performance
  • Pain or stiffness when being touched or moved
  • Lameness, altered gait or shortened stride
  • Resistance to picking up feet
  • Changes in posture
  • Bucking or rearing
  • Difficulty or inability to taking a lead
  • Pinning ears back, biting or snapping
  • Difficulty flexing at poll

What Clients Are Saying

Louise is knowledgeable, and compassionate. My labrador now jumps up onto our sofa with no problem at all, thank you.”
- Laura

“Louise always puts me at ease, answers all of my questions and most importantly helps me and my horse to compete well together.”
- Susan

“Animal Chiropractic is so great! We’ve recommended her to all of our friends, family, and coworkers. Now, we can rest assured knowing our animals are pain free and moving well.”
- Tom & Rachael

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