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How Having a Morning Routine can Change Your Whole Day

enjoying nutritious breakfastEveryone has always said to me since I was little that we should “start our day right” but what exactly is meant by this and how can we really ensure that our day is started in a way to set us up for success!

To begin with, I would suggest choosing a decent wake-up time that is realistic and enables you to have a full sleep, but also does not make you grotty and foggy when you wake up.

Sleep cycles last on average for 90 minutes, and within a 24 hour period, you need 4-6 sleep cycles to feel rested. If you sleep for 4 and a 1⁄2 cycles, this can cause your body to feel off as you have interrupted a cycle. Be sure to plan your time sleeping the night before, and set an alarm accordingly.

Now an equally important step to waking up refreshed is to NOT snooze that alarm no matter how tempted you may be! If you wake up on your first alarm, set to complete your sleep cycle, then you will feel much better than if you begin to hit snooze and once again, cause disruption to your next sleep cycle.

Movement in the morning is really important to prepare the body for what is expected of it that day. Starting in your bed, you can begin to stretch gently and maneuver yourself around slowly. You can then continue when out of bed by performing light stretching exercises, some yoga or even heading out for a brisk walk.

Fuel your day! Starting with a big breakfast can really help set your body up for the day. High protein in the morning will keep you feeling full and energized for longer. Have you ever heard the expression “Eat like a king for breakfast”? People who have large breakfasts tend to hit their nutrient and vitamin intake daily as opposed to people who skipped breakfast may not reach their goal with as much ease. Those who do reach their recommended daily intake, will naturally have more energy for the body to function at a higher standard throughout the day.This is because the body has been provided with what it needs.

Review the rest of your day and what you need to do or carry out. Make a list of any tasks that need to be completed, you can also order these in priority of what is most important. Having a visual list will then ease your mind because you will find it harder to forget those bits.

The other key to starting the day off well is to be consistent! No matter how hard it may seem, consistency will be what keeps you going even on the mornings when you really do not want to get out of bed and walk the dog or go to work. Those days are the most important to be consistent with. Before you know it, you will have started the new habit of having a morning routine!

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