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How Chiropractic May Help Relieve Headaches

woman holding her head in pain from a headacheDo you regularly feel a pounding sensation in your head or feel as if it’s in a vise? Or maybe you experience pressure around your forehead or back of your head and neck. There are many types of headaches and accompanying symptoms that affect people of all ages.

What Causes Headaches?

Many things. If you’ve had physical traumas, head injuries, whiplashes, poor posture or stress, headaches can result. Your hydration levels will affect headaches too. We also see headaches in children. They’ve typically had a forceps delivery or traumatic birth. There’s a huge amount of pressure that goes on a baby’s head when delivered with forceps. Being squeezed through the birth canal is also traumatic for a baby.

How Does Chiropractic Address Headaches?

The main type of headache that we’ve had some success addressing is called a cervicogenic headache. It means the headache comes from your neck. Headaches usually respond well to chiropractic care because the nerves that come out of the very top of your neck-those go and supply the skin sensation in your head and they go into the muscles of your neck as well.

If your neck isn’t functioning and the nerves are not working then you can experience headaches. With cervicogenic headaches, we use specific neck and upper back adjustments.

We also see that migraines will reduce if the migraine is coming from the neck which a lot of them do. At Results Align Chiropractic, we get a very good response rate for patients with different types of headaches.

How Often Should I Come in?

If you’re seeing us for headaches we recommend coming in weekly. It also depends on how long you’ve had the headaches. With headache care you need to build a bit of momentum; most people who have had headaches for a long time have symptoms such as fogginess or an inability to concentrate. It takes a while to get rid of these and other symptoms. The good news is, once your headaches are gone there’s a good chance that they’ll stay gone.

The Value of Maintenance Care

Once headaches are gone most of our clients will transition into maintenance care because they get such incredible results. They feel so much better, have greater energy levels, improved concentration and sleep better. We believe that if you have a spine, maintenance care may benefit you. As we like to say at our clinic, “The more effort you put into your body the longer it will last you.”

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Whether you have poor posture from sitting at your desk for several hours a day, work-related stress or experienced trauma such as a fall, chiropractic may help get rid of any areas of stress on the spine that’s causing nerve irritation and headaches. Call 01235 538620 today for an appointment!


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