• Dr Lou Edwards DC

How Staring At Your Phone All Night Can Negatively Affect Your Night Out In Abingdon

Updated: Apr 23

As kids our parents always told us to stand up straight, shoulders back, chin high. Well it seems mum and dad were right and in more ways than one.

Not only does a slouching looking unaesthetic it can also ruin a good night out.Staring at your phone all day can result in a condition called “text neck” or forward head posture (FHP). We've all seen that person; rounded shoulders, hunched over back and their head several inches further forward than it should be and staring at their own navel, it might even be you! FHP can pull the entire spine out of alignment and may result in the loss of 30% of vital lung capacity - Rene Cailliet, MD

How are you going to make the intrepid trip to the toilets in the Narrows with 30% less lung efficiency?

With rounded shoulders your arms rotate inwards and you have that Neanderthal look.Your mates convince you yo go to The Punchbowl and the sign says "mind your knuckles on the floor on the way in"  yet you still manage to scrape the skin off of your knuckles, the bar staff think you've been in a fight and refuse to serve you!You go to the next pub, go to the bar but how are you going to catch the eye of the bar staff and  get served if you can't even make eye contact with them?Heck, it's going to be downright hard down a pint? You'll have to use a straw much to the amusement of your friends.” Do you want an umbrella with that?”

At the end of the night you're hungry and you go to Sami's kebab van but  your FHP prevents you from being able to look up at the menu. You give up and get a taxi home fighting off hunger pains.You wake up the next morning with a monster headache, but it aint because of the drink, heck you hardly had any. It's due to the fact that FHP causes a 200% decrease in blood flow to the brain.

And that my friends is how text neck ruins a good night out in Abingdon!

Dr Austin Lawrence, Chiropractor